Granola – Enjoy reading and try the recipe

Granola - Enjoy reading  and try the recipe

Granola – Enjoy reading and try the recipe


Granola is becoming increasingly popular as a breakfast cereal. Many people want to know how to make a good homemade version. This delicious recipe for the famous breakfast cereal is the best. It is surprisingly quick and easy to make and can be ready in less than an hour from start to finish. I usually mix it right in the baking tray and then stick it in the oven. When  cooled it goes into an airtight cereal container.

Granola is great with cornflakes and milk it adds a bit more crunch. It can be enjoyed with a bowl of plain yoghurt topped with sliced almond nuts or on it is own. I have included some of my favourite dried fruits in this recipe but you can use whatever you prefer.

Why I started making my own Granola?

Fruity Granola

A delicious and healthy breakfast cereal which is quick and easy to make.

I first decided to make my version of granola when I realised how much my husband liked adding a bit to his cornflakes and even his porridge. We would often pick up some at the supermarket but found that there was hardly any fruit.  A lot of times you got much of one and hardly any of the other. This was even so for some of the most expensive brands. I was able to eliminate this issue by coming up with a recipe which included the dried fruits that we loved most. Since my husband does not like nuts, I often just sprinkle sliced almonds over the top rather than add them to the recipe. I make fresh batches of granola every week, as it runs out very quickly.

Great snack for children

I was shocked when my fussy eating two-year-old son began asking for granola with his cornflakes. After seeing his daddy mix it with his, he wanted the same. Even more surprisingly he often asks me for it as a snack; I have come to realise that he enjoy eating the dried fruit and crunching the granola clumps.

In my recipe, I have omitted the sugar, as there is so much dried fruit there is no need added sugar or sweeteners. This recipe is healthier with all the oats and delicious berries. My  recipe is a healthy snack for kids.

Cleo's Cooking

Cleo's Cooking

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