One Pot Chicken and Rice (Trinidad Pelau)

One Pot Chicken and Rice (Trinidad Pelau)

Chicken Pelau (Trinidad Chicken Pelau)

Chicken Pelau (Trinidad Chicken Pelau)

One pot chicken and rice (Chicken Pelau) is one of the main dishes cooked in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. When it comes to a one pot meal that everyone loves, this is it. This dish is made for hangouts (dinner parties) with friends. It is great to take on a day at the beach and is fantastic for cooking outdoors on a woodstove or camp fire. This dish is packed with lots of flavour.

The chicken can be substituted with other types of meat but they may need to be precooked if they would normally take longer than chicken. If you are vegetarian, you can still prepare this dish without the meat and enjoy it with the lovely peas.

The peas used in this dish can also be substituted with green peas or any other you prefer. However, pigeon peas (Gungo peas) dried or fresh goes well with this recipe as is the standard for making this dish in Trinidad and Tobago. Try this recipe and you will enjoy it as much as we all do. It goes well with green salads, Cole-slaw, avocado slices and other salads.

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