Saffron Rice/Turmeric rice (Yellow Rice)

Saffron Rice/Turmeric rice (Yellow Rice)

Yellow Rice (Saffron Rice)

Saffron Rice (How to Make Saffron/Turmeric Rice)

This stir-fried yellow rice is popular on the island of Trinidad. To make this dish you can use saffron or substitute it for turmeric powder. You can enjoy this dish at home or at special celebrations. This is a must-have with barbecue chicken and other meats. It is packed with lots of fresh vegetables and has amazing flavour. The next time you are having a get together with friends include this dish in your celebration.

Enjoy saffron rice/turmeric rice as a vegetarian dish, or have it with roast chicken, beef, pork, lamb, prawns, fried chicken and more. Try this recipe and enjoy rice a different way. Any day or time this rice recipe is fantastic.

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