Flatbread Blog- Enjoy reading and try the recipe

Flatbread Avocado Salad

Flatbread Blog- Enjoy reading and try the recipe


Flatbread (Bake) is a quick and easy recipe. It takes less than one hour to make from start to finish.  You can have flatbread with a variety of things, including spreads, sausages, eggs, ham or whatever your heart desires.

Flatbread (Bake)

Flatbread is a big part of the Trinidad and Tobago Culture (Trinbago).  As a child, every evening my grandmother would make two. We would have one in the night with a cup of hot chocolate before going to bed. On mornings we would have one for breakfast with butter and cheese or even peanut butter before going to school.

After Migrating to England

After migrating to England, I became more use to buying bread.  Being single it was easy just to pick up a loaf at the supermarket, which would last me for a few days. However, after getting married, consumption increased as there was now two of us. At times we would have friends stay over, so as a result, I decided that it was much easier just to whip up a quick bread early in the morning. It was easy and could be served hot straight from the oven; it was enjoyed by many.

Flatbread is fun to make with children

We have a breadmaker and sometimes set it to have a fresh loaf on mornings. However, at times when we forget to put on the machine, this old fashioned recipe comes in really handy.  My two-year-old son loves this bread with peanut butter, jam or both. So this is a great recipe for kids. My son especially loves when I get him to help me; we sometimes make little shapes with the dough by using cookie cutters. My grandmother did the same with us; we did not have cutters, but often made little men or women. It was always exciting to eat them. Therefore, this is a brilliant child recipe.




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