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Flatbread Avocado Salad

Flatbread Blog- Enjoy reading and try the recipe

Flatbread Flatbread (Bake) is a quick and easy recipe. It takes less than one hour to make from start to finish.  You can have flatbread with a variety of things, including spreads, sausages, eggs, ham or whatever your heart desires. Flatbread is a big part of the Trinidad and Tobago Culture (Trinbago).  As a child, […]

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Granola - Enjoy reading  and try the recipe

Granola – Enjoy reading and try the recipe

Granola Granola is becoming increasingly popular as a breakfast cereal. Many people want to know how to make a good homemade version. This delicious recipe for the famous breakfast cereal is the best. It is surprisingly quick and easy to make and can be ready in less than an hour from start to finish. I […]

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